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cutting edge in a non-invasive world

Planning Travels

WHAT HAVE WE BEEN UP TO? China, Germany, India, Russia, The United States... read all about the ongoing globe-trotting journey of Carismed GmbH!

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 We provide the most sophisticated aesthetic & medical devices in the industry

In order to provide you with the most efficient services, all best core competencies have been gathered under the CARISMED brand. Our co-founders and co-owners, each with more than 15 years in the Aesthetic and Beauty medical equipment industry, have joined forces a few years ago, to create the Carismed™ brand for the European and international markets.
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The SHYLD Concept™ Protocol

The SHYLD™ Concept indicates what energy to use and in which sequence, in a 3-step program


The AMI Factor™ is an estimate of the energy delivered to the tissue with each shock, based on the Power (Bars) and the Frequency (MHZ) settings.


The Lipolissage technology (LipoLys systems) allows us the capability of controlling and focusing the shockwaves only in the desired affected...

Our Technology 


Satisfied Customers

"Using the KONTUR MD, I consistently have noticed very good results in body-contouring treatments and skin rejuvenation and facial tightening as well as the firming and a significant slimming of the body.....Read More

Marzena Lorkowska-Precht, MD

"the killer app? I had only 2 KONTUR MD treatments myself initially and can certainly see a difference! I would never have needles stuck in me or laser performed on my face. Read More

Dr Colin Lyons 

The treatments were extremely well tolerated by all patients, and experienced as an increasing warmth over the treated areas. As the treatment progressed, skin temperature was monitored using an infrared hand-held thermometer. Read More

Peter M. Prendergast MB MRCSI

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