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  • Serge Carismed

Cellulite: All You've ever wanted to know

Women: did you know that 94% of us will have cellulite on some body part at some point in our lives? So, don’t be disappointed when you look at that beautiful figure of yours in the mirror and see some dimpling, you’re not alone! But, have you ever wondered what causes the dreaded “c” word?

Cellulite is the result of fat pushing up against the vertical connective tissue that surrounds fat cells in our bodies. This creates a bulging of the cells which results in a lumpy effect. Picture your skin pushing through fishnet stockings… the connective tissue would be the stockings in this analogy!

Cellulite is not just excess fat. It has more to do with the structure of your skin, regardless of your weight (I.e. skinny girls are as susceptible to skin dimpling as curvy girls!). A protective layer of fat lies between the surface of your skin and muscle. Typically, tissues connect the muscle and skin to keep the fat concealed for a smooth appearance on the outside. Age, weight change, or stress are factors that weaken those connective tissues. Irregular fat cells are then able to protrude through the skin, making the skin pucker and look dimply.

One common myth about cellulite is that men can’t be afflicted… FALSE! Men can get cellulite, but it’s relatively rare (only about 10% of men have cellulite). There are a couple of reasons why: Estrogen, a female hormone, makes fat, while testosterone, the male hormone, burns it. Estrogen is also an important hormone in regulating blood circulation that brings essential nutrients to connective tissues and helps promote collagen production. As you age, estrogen levels naturally decrease, which makes your body even more susceptible to cellulite. The female connective tissues are also much flimsier than males’ connective tissues to begin with, which makes it all the more difficult for female skin to hold fat in.

So… How can you improve the appearance of cellulite? Losing weight can help, but it will not completely erase your cellulite! Because cellulite has more to do with damaged connective tissue rather than fat, losing fat won’t always eliminate your dimples. Luckily, there have been medical breakthroughs in recent years that can reduce or even eliminate the appearance of cellulite! Now that you understand what cellulite is, stay tuned for my next posts about how Carismed GmbH’s innovative Lipolys and Kontur MD devices are the ultimate answer to your aesthetic concerns! (If you can’t wait, contact me directly to learn more!)

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