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The SHYLD Concept™ Protocol

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LIPOKONTUR™ system main advantage over other modalities comes handy when targeting cellulite and stretch marks.

The cumulative effects of multiple focused energies, all loaded on a single platform and controlled by a uniform, integrated interface is most evident for these particular indications. Both LIPOKONTUR™ technologies (Multipolar RF with CMF/TOP functionality and RSWT Aesthetic Shockwave) are all centrally managed by sophisticated menus based on the SHYLD™ Concept, which follows medical protocols. These menus safely control and suggest the optimal parameters specifically indicated to either body area and the settings fine-tuned to each indication and the sequential order in which they need to be used.

The SHYLD™ Concept indicates what energy to use and in which sequence, in a 3-step program: Shock, Hyperthermia and Lymphatic Drainage. These energies are more effective when used as a comprehensive therapy protocol to treat cellulite and stretch marks (as well as body contouring and circumferential reduction, lax skin after liposuction, VASER Lipo® therapy, or after pregnancy). The LIPOKONTUR™ system allows the user to proceed through the complete protocol flawlessly, and without interruptions, continuously using a single platform, using a superb hardware coupled with the appropriate software resources.

The 3-steps of the SHYLD™ Concept:


Step I: – Intense Shock Exertion using the RSWT (average settings of 3.0 Bars, Frequency of 10-14 AMI Factor of xxx) – This helps breaking down the fat cells’ structure, and increase the permeability of the fat cells membranes; it also helps liquefy the fat and weakens the stiffen septae holding the fat chambers, increasing the tissues elasticity. Another benefit is to considerably increase blood and lymph circulation in the treated area.

Step II: – Focused Hyperthermia using the Multipolar RF energy (average settings using Waving Frequencies mode, Polarity changes of 5-6 seconds) – The thermal energy weakens further the fat cells leading to “liquefied” fat, to progressively help drain lipids to be metabolically degraded and eliminated; The other immediate effect again is to enhance blood and lymphatic circulation in treated area; Thermal energy also will lead to long-term neocollagenesis and collagen contraction, essential for skin tightening.


Step III: – Intense Lymphatic Drainage using again RSWT (average settings of Expert Mode, Sinusoidal Pattern, Min. 1 to Max. 4 Bars, Min. Frequency of 10 to Max. 22, Cycle Time of 10 seconds) – This last step thoroughly drains the lipids into the Lymphatic System, removing excess fluids and debris both into the vascular and Lymphatic systems. The intense massaging increases blood and lymph circulation again.

Altogether, the SHYLD™ Concept on the LIPOKONTUR™ system is easy to use, literally flawless for the operator, very safe and controlled and very tolerable for the patients.


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